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If you can do it from home, you can do it, it is worth your home to be in a wonderful place

Lately we have been talking about how it is possible to work from home, there are webinars that expertly explain by thread and by sign how to make as much as possible working from home, without tying children, burning forgotten dishes on the stove or being interrupted by chaos of the neighbor or wife (husband) who screams forgetting about your meeting on zoom that the Swiss investors (of the German part in addition).

Well I will not write ‘yet another guide on perfect home work and I will not entertain you on why we came to find out so late, but I would like to make you think about how wonderful and simple it would be if we could really keep it and make it part of our “normal”.

I do not deny that in these two months I have followed webinars on practically everything and open debates on issues of very low value but this for the first few days, then the need to get out of it and the lack of founded substance led me to the phase boredom followed by rejection and finally on the fifteenth day I started to follow with passion and interest those situations that could enrich me.

In practice, the situation of COVID 19 has offered us a great possibility, to modify the management of our time in the best way, to enhance the real things in life and always find positivity.

Working from home has been seen as an incredible innovation, as the only response to the possible (current) economic crisis, despite the fact that the human brain has created carbon particles capable of handling immense stones, sometimes this mostly unexplored muscle of the human body, has immense flaws on the simple questions of life.

We are looking for well-being and happiness but we arm ourselves as damned to throw ourselves into situations that leave us little happy.

We dream of living a fairy tale but we do everything to destroy ourselves, I simply want to say that it took a virus with extreme contagion and undoubted mortality, to make it clear that the yield of our work (where possible) even from the living room at home would have been optimal if not better.

Blame for capitalism, communism, egocentrism but also populism, or to quote a modern-day philosopher “carrots”.

It doesn’t matter what we are right now or what work we do, it does matter what we want to be and what we do to become it. Too many apologies encamped and when we do not find them we let others find them for us.

I know a world of professional figures who have rediscovered themselves thanks to smart working, think of personal coats, personal trainers, sportsmen, dieticians, teachers of all ages and ages, consultants, marketing experts etc.

The list is long but all these categories have discovered in a few days that they can do from their home, the same type of work they do every morning after queuing in the car, after taking the train after waiting for the bus, after having wake up early to go to the office, when these days they did it in their underwear, pajamas, overalls or how they felt. (however a dress code is recommended)

Think about how time has changed, think about how, managing the day well, you could enjoy more of your hobbies, your moments with loved ones, your life.

My reasoning simply wants to lead you to think, and if I could do it from where I would most like to be, and if I could live where I would like to live, and if I could really do it without waiting for COVID 20 and 21 and 22 to arrive? (bad joke but makes the idea).

I hope you don’t have to wait, I hope that if you have read this far, at least you feel like saying, “it would be nice”. If you said it, don’t let the second thought be “and you can’t” because you can do everything, just wanting to, made us understand NATURE.

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