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The Canary Islands, the Spanish archipelago off the north west coast of Africa, ideal for tropical temperatures, crystal clear sea and year-round sunshine. In particular, over 19,000 Italian pensioners have decided to live in Tenerife and are enrolled in Aire, or the Registry of Italians residing abroad.


Tenerife is the largest island in the Canary Islands and, with just over 2,000 square km, offers two airports, capable of connecting the island to the others in the archipelago, to Spain and also to Italy. Everything is covered by low cost airlines. Beaches with black sand are known all over the world, as well as its transparent and crystalline waters. One of the best advantages is being able to take advantage of all this thanks to the warm and pleasant climate all year round. Winter as we know it does not exist, the ace of humidity is 0. Just say that the average temperature is 25 °. These temperatures can only be beneficial to health. The climate of Tenerife is a panacea for retirees. The influences are very rare and it is the ideal climate for those who want to live as a pensioner forgetting about health problems. Tenerife is the ideal destination for those suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and cardiovascular diseases. The health system itself is very good, with excellent doctors and hospitals.

Living as a pensioner in Tenerife means moving to a place on a human scale. The island has no architectural barriers for the disabled, which are so common in Italian cities. Although it is not only the largest, but also the most urbanized and cosmopolitan island of the Canaries, Tenerife offers retirees a simple and peaceful life, with a very low crime rate.

A little numbers.

INPS pensioners – By taking up residence here and enrolling in AIRE (Registry of Italians residing abroad), your pension will be sent to Spain gross and taxed according to local taxes. So, when you go to withdraw your pension, you will find it increased by 10-15%, extras that will help you make ends meet. Retirees transferred to Tenerife benefit from a 20% lower cost of living than Italy. Life as a retiree is further advantageous if you think that VAT does not exist on basic necessities and, thanks to the climate, heating costs are completely cut, gasoline costs much less than 1 euro per liter, finally the cost of life is much lower than Italy so that pensioners with a pension of € 1,000 per month can have a dignified life. Clothing costs, again thanks to the climate, will decrease accordingly. Here you live almost all year round in shorts and a T-shirt and on slightly cooler days, a jacket is enough to take shelter. Enough duvets, socks, hats, scarves, gloves, midseason, snow shoes and closets full of clothes.

Medical treatment, hospitals and pharmacies; How does it work for Italian pensioners in the Canaries?

The Canaries are part of Spain, so we are not talking about an African standard but a European welfare standard. Although small islands inhabited ‘only’ by 1.5 million people, the Canaries have fully equipped hospitals and medical graduates from the best Spanish universities, so there should be no problem.

Here in Tenerife public health is of a high standard, waiting times even three times shorter and generally, the courtesy of the staff will surprise you. But the fantastic thing is the private insurance that gives you access to all the private affiliated structures, reducing waiting times to the maximum and further increasing the quality of the service. Here too, with an expense of 70/90 euros per month, you will be able to access a series of free services including, in some cases, even the total coverage of orthodox expenses!

Requirements for living in Tenerife as pensioners

What stands between a pensioner and the tax breaks and the low cost of living in Tenerife is to be officially recognized as a resident abroad. Luckily, it will be enough to follow the following procedure for the transfer of the residence:

– have habitual residence for at least 183 days in Tenerife

– not to have a domicile in Italy for more than half a year

– be registered with the Aire

– be registered in the registry of the municipality where you intend to live in Tenerife

At this point, the NIE must be requested from the Consular Offices of Spain abroad or the Dirección General de la Policía and, through the website, apply to INPS for the transfer of the pension.

In short, very few steps separate you from a life in a real tax haven. You can finally live the life you want in Tenerife as pensioners, made of relaxation, excellent climate, dream landscapes and tax benefits. What more could you want?

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